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Sometimes, life can take sweet turns for the better. When looking towards the future, we never saw desserts as a destination, but we couldn't be happier. As a husband and wife duo, we believe that the motto to life is to always “Have Fun”. What can be more fun than buying an ice cream parlor?


It was 2013 and the original owners of Scoops Homemade were taking a new life path. We stumbled upon the store and thought, “Let’s do it!” It was with sweet, naivety that we jumped head first into an industry we knew nothing about but had a true desire to learn.


LeTawyna worked in sales for years and has always had a keen sense of customer service and an innate ability to connect with every person she meets. Kent is the master of logistics and making sure everything runs smoothly on the back end of things. It was a business partnership that couldn’t have been better.


We have put our hearts and souls into every inch of the shop and bring quality, homemade treats to a small Arizona town.


We’ve watched our kids and ourselves grow up in the store, all of which held spots behind the counter and in our mobile dessert and food trucks. Every employee we have had since has been like family and each person that walks in the door is immediately a friend.



Just Remember...Every Flavor Happens for A Reason!

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